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Review for specializes in essay preparation, creation, and editing.

They supply assistance for students of any level from high school to law or

medical school. The standard this company binds itself with is a 100%

satisfaction guarantee or your money back. It is not clear how long this

company has been in business.


The services offered are in the range of academic writing, editing and

dissertations. They have a small pool of writers compared to other sites

with a total of 100 plus literary composers. This number of writers is

offset by the assurance that all of their writers consist of graduates and

teachers who are proficient in many different disciplines. There are no

hidden fees in pricing and the claim is made that you get exactly what you

pay for. You may also choose your own writer. There are tools on the site

that can help students with essay format and preparation. Because this site

focuses on essay specific products, it can be said that a final product

should be acceptable. This focus, however, may be lost on customers who

require help in more than one way.


Prices differ depending on the type of assistance you need and the level of

assistance. All pricing is subject to the amount of pages you need. To put

it bluntly, it’s expensive. A high school level essay is going to cost you

$17.55 per page with a fifteen plus day deadline, $31.90 per page for a PhD

level essay due in the same amount of time (Wow!). The sooner you need your

project finished, the more it will cost. An academic writing project can be

completed in as early as eight hours at a high school level fee of $31.50

per page. With the same eight hour deadline, a PhD level project is going

to cost $45.85 per page.


Editing service prices are a little cheaper with a beginning cost of $11.50

for the fifteen day plus, high school level assistance and an eight hour

deadline PhD cost of $28.50. It’s clear that this company may be able to

offer superior academic writing and editing services, but for the cost, it

should be!


There is no mention of a discount program. You will get some freebies with

your order depending on the necessity of these extras.

They include:

• A Plagiarism Report

• Reference Pages

• Title Page

• Revisions

Along with these extras, all revisions with this site will be free. Not

many sites can offer this option, but considering how much this service is

going to cost you, it would be best to utilize all of the options available

to you. You will also have direct contact with your writer. Things are made

much easier for customers when they have a writer they can speak with

directly. With this type of communication, a product you can be happy with

is almost a sure thing.

Customer Support

Customer service, as with many essay sites, is available 24/7, 365 days a

year. You will be able to contact a member of the customer support team by

phone, live chat, or email. Customer service is available to all customers

at all levels and it is an added bonus that you will also be able to

contact your assigned writer as you need. For the price you’ll pay, that’s

how it should be.

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